Wednesday, March 25, 2015

black and white for outdoor spaces

For the chicest of chic looks for your outdoor living areas,
try a dramatic black and white color scheme.
A solid black wall is brought to life with an eye catching display
of all white plates and black and white Spode transferware plates,
and then grounded by a great zebra-print area rug.
 Keep the design classic and simple. 
Stripes are always a nice choice for a table cloth. 
Color can then be added with gorgeous flowers. 
Create an outdoor retreat with a resort vibe.
Large or small, your space will shine.
A large plain wall can be simply adorned with stencils or real bird cages.
A softly draped area is sure to add ambiance. 
Bring out some of your indoor pieces for a special gathering.
Mix and match beautiful geometric prints.
Your space will be pretty to look at,
and even better to relax in.

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Here are a few of my picks from Frontgate to get you started.

ciao! Fabiana

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